Truffle Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts, Bacon

This mouth-watering Brussels sprouts recipe, TRUBEL style, is created by the very talented Chef Andrew Newman, Head Chef at Brunswick House, for you using TRUBEL White Truffle Maple Syrup. These sweet and savoury sprouts are now requested at least once a week by the family!

Black Truffle and Cheese Loaded Fries

French fries are addictive! There’s no arguing with that. Potatoes, cut into finger food size and then fried or baked until perfectly golden. Or... you could take it to the next level loading them with cheese and TRUBEL Black Truffle Paste. 

Black Truffle and Aged Comte Sandwich

In the grand pursuit of edible bliss, we have created an aged Comte cheese toast sandwich recipe with loads of black truffle paste for you to enjoy at home. It literally takes 25 minutes and it's epic! 

Pancakes, Bacon, Truffle Maple Syrup, Crème fraîche

In honour of our Canadian heritage, we are celebrating Pancake Day with this Pancakes, bacon, and truffle maple syrup infused crème fraiche recipe created by our talented friend Chef Guillaume Gillan

Black Truffle Fried Rice, Bacon

This mouth-watering Black Truffle & Bacon Fried Rice recipe, TRUBEL style, is the ultimate luxury fusion. Created by the very talented Chef Andrew Newman, Head Chef at Brunswick House, exclusively for you using TRUBEL Black Truffle Paste. 

Baked Romanesco, Parmesan, Truffle Maple Syrup

This colourful recipe for baked Romanesco is simply delicious and an amazing side for your favourite steak or roast. It's vibrant green colour makes it ideal for your festive table - TRUBEL's White Truffle Maple Syrup and Parmesan add an epic twist.

Truffle Maple Baked Cheesecake

Enjoy a TRUBEL twist on the traditional cheesecake with this recipe using our unique Truffle Maple Syrup. Inspired by creating vegan and gluten free cakes, Raffo & Ridgeway have created this delightful cheesecake for us using the TRUBEL White Truffle Maple Syrup. The simple recipe means you can create it easily and enjoy a touch of luxury in your next celebration cake. 

White Truffle and Butterfat Potato Terrine

This Potato with truffle and butterfat Terrine is going to change the way you make potatoes. It's a little bit time consuming but it pays dividends. Layers of crispy golden brown potato drenched in white truffle butter, try it as an alternative to roast potatoes for your Sunday lunch or chips with your steaks.

Pancakes, Truffle Maple Glazed Duck Breast

Don't call the Chinese takeaway for crispy duck with pancakes – TRUBEL's white truffle maple syrup glazed duck breast on pancakes recipe is so easy to make and it's healthier, too.

Buttermilk Doughnuts, Truffle Maple Crème Fraîche

Baking can sometimes feel like a faff, but these buttermilk doughnuts with creme fraiche and TRUBEL White Truffle Maple Syrup take only 20 time to make and you don’t need any special equipment. 

Truffle Bobby Burns

Yield: Makes 1  Active time: 5 minutes Ingredients: 40ml Scotch Whiskey 25ml Sweet Vermouth 7.5ml White Truffle Maple...

Steak, Truffle Béarnaise Sauce, Truffle Potato Terrine

Béarnaise Sauce is considered by many to be one of the finest sauces to serve with steaks. We agree, when it is made with our white truffle butter. Why? The best way to make Béarnaise Sauce is to use clarified butter and our truffle butter is just that!
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