Trubel and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

With the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic now affecting people worldwide, we decided to answer some of the questions you might have regarding how this could affect your Trubel delivery.

We are committed to providing you with transparent and clear information, and we are updating this page regularly with any new information that comes to light.

As such, it is unlikely that we will be able to provide you with any more information than what you’ll find below if you contact us directly. Of course, we are always here to help you with any other queries!

Will my Trubel order be delivered?


We have all measures in place to ensure you will keep receiving your Trubel whether you are a subscriber or a new customer. However, due to the recent circumstances, as like many other food companies we've had a very high demand in orders, and this has had a knock on effect on our carriers and fulfilment times.

Will there be delays in my delivery?

We send all UK orders on a tracked service and most orders are arriving between 1 and 3 days. However, we have been notified that there are a few delays in the postal system due to high demand. For this reason, there is a small chance your parcel may arrive slightly later than expected. While we are try our hardest to track your parcel down for you right away, we will have to wait 10 days until your parcel is deemed lost (and of course we'll send you a new one).

For more information on standard delivery times, please visit our Delivery & Returns page.

Are you going to run out of stock?

We have seen an increased demand for Trubel, but don’t panic! We are on top of this and doing our best to plan to provide Trubel consistently and reliably.

You might see some truffle ingredients becoming temporarily unavailable. We are doing this to manage the stock and ensure that as many of our existing subscribers as possible keep receiving their orders, while we focus on keeping our main products available.

Is Trubel suitable for stockpiling / prepping?

Yes. Shelf life of Trubel truffle ingredients ranges between 18-36 months; Trubel is an excellent purchase in any case as it is quick and super tasty.

Why does Trubel Truffle Ingredients have such a long shelf life?

Trubel has such a long shelf life because water activity is very low across our range of truffle ingredients and therefore it is not possible for bacteria to grow in our goods whilst they are sealed as bacteria need moisture.

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