Buttermilk Doughnuts, Truffle Maple Crème Fraîche

Recipe inspired by Millie Taylor.  These deep-fried doughnuts take eight minutes to make and are served with our unique thick and rich Truffle Maple Crème Fraîche dip. This is our go-to doughnut recipe, the flavours compliment each other so well. 

Pancakes, Truffle Maple Glazed Duck Breast

Servings Yields 3 pancakes     Timing Prep time: 1hr 10mins, Cooking time: 15mins, Total time: 1hr 25mins   Notes / t...

Truffle Maple Cheese Saganaki

Servings Yields 2 Saganaki slices      Timing Prep time: 5mins, Cooking time: 5mins, Total time: 10mins   Notes / tip...

Goat Cheese & Truffle Maple Tortelloni

Servings Yields 25-30 tortellonis      Timing Prep time: 1hr, Cooking time: 5mins, Total time: 1hr 25mins   *Plus ove...

Truffle Maple Crumpets, Caviar

Servings Yields 12 crumpets  Timing Prep time: 1hr, Cooking time: 50mins, Total time: 1hr 50mins   Notes / tips If m...

Truffle Brioche, bacon crumbs, Mascarpone

Servings Serves 2    Timing Prep time: 5mins, cooking time: 15mins, Total time: 20mins   Ingredients 1 large egg 100...

Truffle Maple Old Fashioned

Yield: Makes 1  Active time: 5 minutes Ingredients: 25ml Canadian Whiskey 25ml French Brandy 10ml White Truffle Maple...

Roast Squash, Kale, Truffle Maple Yoghurt Salad

Servings Yields 2 large salads  Timing Prep time: 10mins, cooking time: 45mins, Total time: 55mins   Notes / tips Ma...

Truffled Canadian Rarebit

Servings Yields 6 pieces Timing Active = 30min, Prep = 30mins, Total = 60min Ingredients 6pc Good Sourdough, sliced ...

Baked Camembert, Truffle Maple

Servings Yields 2 as a main Timing Prep time: 5mins, cooking time: 20mins, Total time: 25mins   Ingredients 250g / 1...

Truffle Maple & Chardonnay Baked Mont D'or

Servings Yields 2 as a main Timing Prep time: 5mins, cooking time: 20mins, Total time: 25mins   Notes / tips Wrap t...

Truffle Maple Baked Comte Soufflé

Servings Yields 6  Timing Prep time: 25mins; Cooking time: 35mins; Total time: 1hr Notes / Tips When mixing in the e...
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