Our Truffles

We take genuine care of our truffles and other ingredients to ensure exceptional quality and flavours

We are meticulous about sourcing and the traceability and provenance of our truffles and other ingredients and work directly with individual producers to guarantee the freshness and quality of our produce and ensure the producer is paid a fair price. We work closely with our partners, regularly visiting the trufferies so we can guarantee the highest quality and 100% traceability. These dedicated individuals and their truffle-hunting dogs are not just suppliers but our partners and friends. To maintain their freshness and quality, truffles are washed minutes before packing to preserve the water content. The truffles are then sealed in food-grade insulated boxes and transported by air to the UK in temperature-controlled containers.

Black Winter (Perigord) Truffles – Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.


Trubel is partnered with a veteran of seventy years third generation black truffle grower in Teruel in Eastern Spain. The Oak trufferies are located at an altitude of 950m above sea level making the chalky soil and dry climate ideal for the finest black truffles to grow with intense aroma. We import fresh truffles two to three times a week between December and April to guarantee the freshest and highest quality truffles are purveyed nationwide.

Black Winter (Perigord) Truffles - TUBER MELANOSPORUM VITT.


We pride ourselves as being the only purveyors of the Chilean Black Truffle in the UK. Imported from the Eastern side of Andes mountainous area once a week from May to August according to demand. The steep slope and young age of Andes mountains combined with a clay and granite soils make the environment ideal giving the truffles the most intese aroma and taste. Weather is cold wintertime, no moisture. The flavour is very distinctive with the fields lying between vineyards.

White truffles – Tuber Magnatum Pico


Exclusively imported from Marche region in eastern Italy, between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. The hilly surface along with cold and rainy weather is ideal. Larger wilder woods with older trees, where the delicate environment needed for truffles to grow has not been affected yet by agricultural or industrial sprawls. We source directly from hunter friends three times a week between October and January and deliver within 48 hours to ensure freshness and quality is delivered.

Honey Truffles - Mattirolomyces terfezioides


With a gentle, almost nutty profile, a deep honey-like finish and a sweetness which lingers on the tongue, these white truffles have a thin white to ochre skin and ochre centre. They add a rich flavour to dishes without the heaviness often associated with Black Périgord Truffle. Found primarily in Hungary under the black locust trees and sandy slightly alkaline soils of the Danube river.

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