It's Official - TRUBEL is the best!

TRUBEL’s truffles are officially the tastiest in the world! 

In 2020 TRUBEL pioneered the world's first-ever Natural White Truffle Butter from the kitchen inspired by our founder Hassibo’s mummy, who loved to create culinary delights with clarified butter. 

A few months after launching, it became the FIRST ever natural truffle butter to earn 2 Gold Great Taste Stars! 

That's a pretty incredible achievement in such a short time, but hopefully illustrates, the motivation behind the brand to provide the best truffle products to consumers across the UK.



This award is only ever presented to products deemed as “outstanding - above and beyond delicious”.

In fact, the Great Taste Awards rate this award winner as "extraordinarily tasty food that you won't want to leave the shop without buying!"

Whilst you might see other brands imitating, they don’t come close to the TRUBEL quality we stand for.

white truffle and pecorino cream

Fast forward to 2022 👉TRUBEL introduces two new, all-natural truffle ingredients to our range: Black Truffle & Pecorino Cream and White Truffle & Pecorino Cream.

With a tenacious focus on delivering an exceptional delicious product, it is no surprise that both of these new ingredients have also achieved the world's top accolade in taste: 2 more Gold Great Taste Stars!

⭐️ ⭐️ 

This brings our award tally to 11 Great Taste Stars ⭐️ in less than 18 months (we may be the new kid on the block, but we’re striving to be the BEST 😎).


The Judge's Comments

Black Truffle & Pecorino Cream

"This product has a lovely appearance with clear presence of truffle and a lovely cheesy aroma. The textures within the cream are different sizes which along with the distribution creates a great consistency and mouthfeel, and the base cream holds it together well. The salt is at the right level, dictated by the pecorino, and there is the right amount of cheese for the salt level. The truffle flavour could potentially be more intense, but its subtlety is enjoyable and it really does add to the texture. We felt this is a versatile product with a whole array of potential uses.

This looks to be a really interesting cream cheese with pieces of black truffle stirred through. The truffle aroma is very strong on the nose but the flavours on the palate are beautifully judged. It tastes really mushroomy and rich, with a luxurious creamy mouthfeel with discernible slices of truffle. We could really see ourselves using this.

This is umami central and we would dollop this clean and deliciously savoury-tasting cream on fresh pasta. It would also work on a cracker or on crusty bread. We like the fact you can see chunks of fresh truffle and taste the pecorino as distinct from the truffle."

⭐️ ⭐️ 

White Truffle & Pecorino Cream

"Rich aroma, wonderful texture with an aerated light texture, rich but light and very well balanced flavours with clean truffle that does not overpower the other flavours. We could imagine this mixed into pasta or risotto or on its own on crostini. The overall blend of flavours is very successful and delicious and would certainly elevate anything it was combined with.

This is a light coloured cream cheese, with a cheesy truffle aroma. The flavours are really rich with truffle and Parmesan notes which makes it quite salty, but mixed into a fresh pasta this would be wonderful."

⭐️ ⭐️

All that’s left is for you to decide if our products stand up as the best truffle ingredient in your kitchen!

Thanks to all our suppliers, customers and subscribers for all your support! Onwards and upwards ❤️

In our next blog post, we'll reveal to you just how we manage to strive for such quality!


truffle eggs sunny side up recipe

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